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14 Sep 21 17:00 – 14 Sep 21 17:30


(CEST) 30 min Webinar
Despite the current upturn in the container market, there still remain challenges for operators when trying to navigate the path towards a more profitable and sustainable future. Especially, the increasing environmental concern and pressure to reduce emission will call for new enhanced propulsion solutions.

Kongsberg’s integrated solutions can offer both lower emissions and reduced operating costs. Combining a dual fuel machinery running on LNG with an advanced PTO arrangement can yield operation cost savings of up to 20% and clear reduction in carbon footprint.

This propulsion setup in combination with the Vessel Insight digital platform also form an essential part of Kongsberg’s proposal for a future proof solution for container vessels. A vessel that will be highly cost competitive in today’s market, but ready for the changes the future will bring to the industry in form of stricter environmental regulations and likely fuel transition to low carbon fuels.

Time:        Sep 14, 2021 17:00 (CEST)Oslo
Venue:      Webinar (30 min)

Oskar Levander, SVP Business Concepts at Kongsberg Maritime

Oskar Levander is SVP Business Concepts at Kongsberg Maritime and he held a similar position in Rolls-Royce Commercial Marine prior to the acquisition of the company. He joined Rolls-Royce in 2012 from Wärtsilä, where he spent the earlier part of his career after graduating from Helsinki University of Technology in 2000, with an MSc in Naval Architecture. 

Oskar has been driving the development of novel ship and propulsion concepts and has pioneered many emerging marine technologies. Today he spearheads the development of intelligence and environmentally sound concepts, including the introduction of remote & autonomous ships. He was nominated as the #1 Technology Leader by Lloyds List in 2017.

Paul Gjerpe , VP Business Concepts at Kongsberg Maritime

Paul Gjerpe is VP Business Concepts at Kongsberg Maritime, and he has worked in companies like ABB and Siemens where he held various positions within technical and administration management.

Paul graduated from Hull University, UK with a MEng in Control and Robotics in 1998.Paul is currently working with novel power solutions, as well as overall concepts for different marine segments such as LNG Carriers and Container vessels.

KONGSBERG can help you choose the best integrated solutions for your vessels, establishing and implementing effective short- and long-term strategies for efficient, sustainable operation.