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Autonomous vessels: a concept in the making

30 min - Webinar
What is actually autonomy if not a set of automated tasks combined? Automation is nothing new, neither is autonomy in other technological industries. Why has it taken so long to enter the maritime industry and why are we ready for it now?

Autonomous does not equal unmanned. Dive into the journey from manned to unmanned maritime operations and how the rules are challenged and shaped along the way. What does autonomous mean in terms of savings and impact on the environment?

The webinar session will take you through some of the myths associated with autonomy and the real-world application of autonomous functionality into both the existing fleet as well as possibilities for newbuilds. Technology will be a focus area, observing how well-proven technology is further developed and reconfigured for new purposes.

The implications on the operators, both on board as well as on shore, is a topic during the session. What are humans best at and what are machines best at? And who is actually responsible?

Join in to hear reflections from the market leader within maritime autonomy!

An-Magritt Tinlund Ryste, Product Director, Next Generation Shipping @Kongsberg Maritime

Time:         May 4, 2020 11:00 AM in Oslo
Venue:       Webinar

An-Magritt heads the Next Generation Shipping team, sitting at the core of product and technology development requirements for maritime autonomous solutions ranging from the vessel capabilities, the cyber secure connectivity solutions to the remote operations centre. She and her team works across internal and external teams and stakeholders, at the forefront of this strategic area with the goal of enabling safe and sustainable solutions through technology.

An-Magritt joined KONGSBERG in 2009 as a Maritime Trainee after graduating from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology with an MSc. In Marine Technology. After the trainee period, An-Magritt worked with KONGSBERG’s global offshore automation projects before turning towards innovation and research projects as project manager within the technology division and continuing on to head the development program for Next Generation Shipping.