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11 Jun 20 09:00 – 11 Jun 20 09:30


(CEST) 30 min Webinar
Technical update from market leading waterjet propulsion supplier with 40-years of experience and more than 10.000 units delivered worldwide.

Following recent launch of Kongsberg Kamewa A-5 type waterjet portfolio, we provide a chance to dive into what this product portfolio is all about.

 This entirely product line provides:

  • Best efficiency with axial flow pump technology
  • Compact inboard footprint
  • Optimal product for 25-35 knots area without compromises
  • Light weight

The product range supports low and medium speed vessels ranging between 25-35 knots in first place. A highly advanced and verified performance in compact and robust package helps designers to improve vessel performance. Simultaneously helping owners to operate efficiently and minimize cost in fuel and maintenance.

Please join to learn more on how we can help you to optimize your future vessel performance with Kongsberg Kamewa Waterjets.

Time:        Jun 11, 2020 09:00 (CEST)Oslo
Venue:      Webinar

Tommi Viiperi
General Manager - Waterjet product Sales @ Kongsberg Maritime, Finland

I’m a General Manager in Waterjet propulsion sales in the Kongsberg Marine division. Have been in the company since 2004 and experienced in various roles within Waterjet propulsion business over the past decade. Highly specialized customer view combined to detail technical product knowledge help to develop optimal customer solutions for versatile high speed vessel market demands. Looking forward seeing you also in this webinar audience!

Tuomo Tolonen
Design Engineer @Kongsberg Maritime Waterjets

I’m a Design Engineer for the Kongsberg Maritime Waterjets team. I’ve been developing and sustaining waterjet products for the past 3 years, including the new A5-series.