21st century strategies for reducing emissions

30 min Webinar
The first in a series of webinars from industry leader Kongsberg Maritime, ‘From Well to Wake’ focuses on 21st century strategies for reducing emissions.

Starting with an analysis of methods to minimise energy consumption, maximise conversion efficiency and increase the use of clean fuels, the webinar moves on to discuss how digitalisation can enable operational strategies that permit fleet operators to optimally carry out their business, making best use of vessel time whilst reducing both waste and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Host Oskar Levander will then briefly explore how remote and autonomous solutions can facilitate both productivity and sustainability, before engaging in a more detailed study of the relative efficiencies, emissions, storage requirements and availability of alternative ‘carbon free’ fuels such as hydrogen, ammonia and synthetic natural gas. These are compared with the benefits and shortcomings of battery-powered propulsion, taking into account the varying challenges posed by long- and short-distance voyages, and how ideal vessel specifications alter according to application.

The session concludes with a concept investigation into how bulkers of the future can combine the technologies and fuels discussed with other green ideas to make use of ‘free’ energy and minimise drag, demonstrating Kongsberg Maritime’s vision for the future and commitment to meaningful GHG reduction.

Oskar Levander, SVP Business Concepts @Kongsberg Maritime

Time:         Apr 23, 2020 11:30 AM in Oslo
Venue:       Webinar

Oskar Levander is SVP Business Concepts at Kongsberg Maritime and he held a similar position in Rolls-Royce Commercial Marine prior to the acquisition of the company. He joined Rolls-Royce in 2012 from Wärtsilä, where he spent the majority of his career after graduating from Helsinki University of Technology in 2000, with an MSc in Naval Architecture.

Oskar has been driving the development of novel ship designs, machinery and propulsion concepts and has pioneered many emerging marine technologies, such as LNG. Today he spearheads the development of ship intelligence concepts and the introduction of remote & autonomous ships. He is one of the leading thought leaders in the marine industry and in 2017 Oskar Levander was nominated as the #1 Technology Leader by Lloyds List.