Safety through knowledge - training aimed at user understanding

TRAINING AIMED AT USER UNDERSTANDING Over the years, several thousand seamen have spent time at Kongsberg Maritime's training centres. 

Modern classrooms in Kongsberg (Norway), Houston (USA), Aberdeen (UK), Macae (Brazil), Singapore and Busan (South Korea) have been specially adapted for training purposes. Bridges and 'trainers' simulate everyday routines for first mates, ships' masters, technical personnel and operators. State-of-the-art equipment, cameras, operator stations, control panels and machine rooms create an atmosphere of 'virtual reality' for the many eager course participants.

Kongsberg Maritime offers training in most of its product areas. Standardised courses as well as tailor-made solutions are part of everyday life at the centres. Courses on referencing and positioning, propulsion control, automation systems and much more are available on the course calendar. Kongsberg Maritime also offers courses that are compliant with the Nautical Institute's training scheme for DP certification.

Understanding systems and shaping attitudes

“The most important thing we can offer our course participants is a genuine understanding of the system”, remarks Product Training Manager Anne Toril Kasin. ”In safe surroundings, each individual participant gets a chance to make mistakes - mistakes that could, in real life, have severe financial and safety-related consequences. The attitudes we can imbue with a view to safety on board are also a crucial aspect of accident prevention. Most mistakes and accidents are ascribable to human error, so it is vital that we do our part to reduce the risk of accidents. Our courses are designed to teach people how to use the systems smoothly and efficiently. Obviously, this is cost effective for our customers. As we all know, even the best technology doesn't help unless it can be used efficiently", explains Kasin.

Flexible training solutions

Although most courses are run at one of Kongsberg Maritime's training centres, Kongsberg Maritime also offers training programmes on-site or on board.

Mobile classroom solutions allow us to offer training at the customer's choice of venues. We have a big box that lets us to conjure up a system to simulate on board routines. This gives us tremendous flexibility. If you are in doubt about what you need, a dialogue with Kongsberg Maritime can help you identify what you need to organise a good course.

Facts about Training

As a link in its customer support programme, Kongsberg Maritime has training departments in Kongsberg, Horten, Trondheim, Houston, Aberdeen, Singapore, Brazil and South Korea. We offer user training in all product areas. Last year, Kongsberg Maritime’s courses attracted roughly 2300 course participants.

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