Concentrating on integrated solutions

Standards for safety and the optimal operation of ship, rigs and platforms are becoming increasingly stringent. Kongsberg Maritime is concentrating on integrated solutions to meet those standards.

"Applying open standards and using a common technology platform for our products makes it easier to tailor-make optimal solutions for our customers' different operational needs", comments Tor Erik Sørensen, vice president, Marketing, at Kongsberg Maritime.

The company spends about 10 per cent of its revenues on research and development each year. More than 50 years of accumulated user experience are embodied in the system solutions. The goal is to develop products and systems that facilitate effective, safe operations for our customers.

"Efficient user functionality and reliable technology are also important focal points for development and for making technological choices. We therefore work with our customers continuously to optimise their operations", explains Sørensen.

Integrated control systems

The integrated solutions are built up around a fully redundant, distributed network solution, where the redundancy can be scaled to the individual process in question (ship, rigs or platform). Operator stations and governors are linked into the redundant network, guaranteeing a free flow of information. Each individual subsystem can operate autonomously thanks to network segmentation. This means that a fault in one sub-system will not affect other subsystems.

"By integrating the various control systems such as automation and process control, dynamic positioning, navigation and hydroacoustic products into a single process, we can to a greater extent tailor-make overall solutions," says Sørensen.

According to the vice president, Marketing, a high level of data security, efficient data processing and common multi-functional operator stations contribute to smoothly functioning operations and reduce the chances of mistakes.

"One very important contribution to safe, effective operations is our common, intuitive operator philosophy. Having a common operator philosophy for all sub-systems gives operators an optimal user environment, making it possible to avoid mistakes", he amplifies.

Good feedback

Open, commercially available standards lead to high quality and flexibility, opening many possibilities. Integration with third party equipment becomes easier and results in secure, efficient data exchange that does not call for many costly special adaptations.

The transfer and processing of data for others, e.g. central control centres, can be conducted with a high level of data security.

"We have received good feedback from the market in the form of many contracts for our integrated solutions. The road ahead will focus on user-centric development in the form of more solutions and even better functionality."