Kongsberg Maritime signs agreement with Alexandria Shipyard for azimuth thrusters on six tugs

Kongsberg Maritime (Kongsberg) has signed an agreement to provide its US Series of azimuth thrusters to Alexandria Shipyard (ASY) for six new Azimuth Stern Drive (ASD) tugboats, each with 85 tonnes of bollard pull.

This new contract considered a continuation of successful cooperation between Alexandria shipyard and Kongsberg whereas, last year Kongsberg has signed its first contract with Alexandria Shipyard for azimuth thrusters and deck machinery for the first ASD tug that the shipyard is building for the Egyptian Navy now, thus Kongsberg is now supplying high-performance thrusters for a total of seven tugboats under construction at Alexandria Shipyard, Egypt’s biggest shipyard.

Those contracts represent the new partnership between Kongsberg and Alexandria shipyard towards major equipment supplies and construction work for ASD tugs in Egypt.

The azimuth thrusters for the seven tugs will have efficient, heavy-duty slipping clutches, allowing for cost-efficient fire-fighting operations. Alexandria Shipyard and Kongsberg Maritime have also agreed that Kongsberg will deliver high pressure deck machinery for another three of the tugs to be built at ASY.

Kongsberg Maritime’s US Series of azimuth thrusters is a popular choice among tugboat owners and shipyards. Over 7,000 units of Kongsberg’s US series of azimuth thrusters have been delivered in the past 50 years. 

Jørn Heltne

Kongsberg Maritime Vice President for Sales and Contracts

  • Jørn Heltne, Kongsberg Maritime Vice President for Sales and Contracts
  • "Alexandria Shipyard is Egypt’s largest shipbuilder by market share and Kongsberg Maritime knows the importance of the shipyard, as well as the business opportunities available in Egypt."

The new contract also follows from a recent contract for Kongsberg Maritime to supply Alexandria Shipyard with design and integrated equipment packages for two, large salvage tugs being built for the Suez Canal Authority.

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