DNV at SMM 2022: DNV awards Kongsberg Maritime first EPL/ShaPoLi type approval

Hamburg, Germany, 8 September 2022. At the SMM trade fair in Hamburg today, classification society DNV awarded its first ever type approval covering of EPL/ShaPoLi (engine power limitation /shaft power limitation) functionality to Kongsberg Maritime (KM).

As the maritime industry looks to reduce its impact on the environment and emissions regulations continue to tighten power limitation can be an important tool for helping to keep vessels compliant. The EPL/ShaPoLi software can be added in addition to existing fuel limiters. The EPL function calculates engine power output in real-time, compares the engine power output to the engine power limit, and limits the fuel index to meet the vessel’s engine power limit. The ShaPoLi system limits the output power to a propeller shaft.

  • The EPL/ShaPolLi system onboard

  • Kongsberg Maritime ShaPolLi

The DNV type approval covers Kongsberg Maritime’s EPL and ShaPoLi software implemented in AutoChief C20 or AutoChief 600, including a dedicated panel for activation of unlimiting mode and the necessary indicator. The DNV type approval is based on the specifications in MEPC.335(76) and has been specifically designed to streamline the approval and testing process.

Morten Stanger, Vice President Sales in Kongsberg Maritime
“Decarbonizing in shipping is the industry’s most important task, with shipowners focussing on implementing energy efficiency solutions that will help them meet the IMO’s Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reduction goals of reducing carbon intensity 40% by 2030”.
Morten Stanger, Vice President Sales in Kongsberg Maritime

“At Kongsberg Maritime we have over 3000 active C20/600 governor systems for engines and with this new system have developed a time and cost-efficient Engine Power Limitation (EPL) or Shaft Power Limitation (ShaPoLi) solution that functions by utilizing the ship’s existing governor system. This will help shipowner to reduce emissions and comply with the Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI) regulations, due to enter into force in January 2023. We are very pleased that the close collaboration between DNV and Kongsberg Maritime has resulted in a solution with proven functionality to enable our customers to work towards their decarbonizations goals.”

Dr. Fabian Kock, Head of Environmental Technologies Air at DNV
“To keep vessels in compliance and competitive, owners and operators are looking for new and innovative solutions that can help meet incoming regulations, in a way that is reliable, practical and ensures safety” .
Dr. Fabian Kock, Head of Environmental Technologies Air at DNV

“Type approval by DNV can build customers confidence by demonstrating that systems have been assessed and approved to DNV’s industry leading and rigorous standards and international regulations. We are very pleased that Kongsberg Maritime have chosen DNV as the class partner for this type approval, this has been an excellent cooperation with both partners working together to ensure the testing and verification process has been smooth and efficient. We look forward to continuing to work with KM on many projects to come.”

A DNV type approval verifies a manufacturers' ability to deliver products to given specifications and in accordance with the requirements of the DNV rules and international standards.



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