Maran Gas adopts KONGSBERG’s K-IMS platform as basis for digitalisation strategy across its entire fleet

Kongsberg Maritime (KM) is pleased to announce that Maran Gas Maritime, one of the largest international ship-owning concerns, has signed a contract to roll out KM’s K-IMS Information Management System across its entire fleet. Already a long-term customer of KM, with this move Maran Gas are taking the relationship to a new level by integrating KM into its digitalisation strategy and cyber security.

“We feel very confident with the decision to implement the K-IMS project with KONGSBERG for the entire fleet,” says Andreas Spertos, EVP, Technical Director, Maran Gas Maritime. “By the end of 2021, K-IMS will be rolled-out to more than 20 LNG carriers of various propulsion types.

“Implementation of K-IMS will continue for existing and newbuild vessels until the entire fleet of 40+ LNG carriers is upgraded. K-IMS will replace the existing limited capability data transfer system and will provide us with unlimited opportunities to develop and advance further our in-house fleet monitoring and analysis systems that support the safe, efficient and environmentally friendly operation of the fleet.”

Anders Sjuls Fjeld, Sales Director LNG, Global Sales & Marketing, Kongsberg Maritime, adds: “All of us at KM are committed to growing our working partnership with Maran Gas, after spending approximately 15 fruitful years as the systems provider for its fleet.
By focusing on building strong customer relations and trust, and following an open, dialogue-driven partnership with Maran Gas, we have created a great foundation for rolling out K-IMS.”

Most ships in the Maran Gas fleet already have K-IMS-ready hardware in place: any outstanding vessels have been taken into consideration in the overall rollout plan. “Data replication is then enabled via software applications on our K-IMS Onboard and K-IMS Onshore solutions,” Fjeld concludes.

KM currently has secured more than 300 K-IMS contracts, with over 100 K-IMS agreements signed in the first half of 2021 alone and more in the pipeline. “The majority of the LNG segment’s largest international ship owners and charterers are currently reaping the benefits of K-IMS, which is perhaps the most advanced, tailor-made vessel information management system in the world. It has already proved to be well suited to the LNG sector, and many more LNG shipowners are lining up to get involved,” comments Bård Bjørløw, EVP Global Sales & Marketing, Kongsberg Maritime.

About K-IMS

The KONGSBERG Information Management System (K-IMS) is a suite of specialised applications hosted on the Kognifai open digital ecosystem. K-IMS is designed to allow continuous access to data, both on board and on shore, in an interactive, web-based solution, and to provide an efficient information flow. Applications, dashboards and tailor-made fleet and process automated viewing tools can subsequently be added to the K-IMS solution in each owner’s or third-party’s data replication and advisory cloud environment.

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