Kongsberg Maritime wins coveted OSJ Subsea Innovation Award

We are delighted to announce that Kongsberg Maritime has won this year’s prestigious Offshore Support Journal Subsea Innovation Award with its Sounder USV. KONGSBERG’s David Mackay collected the prize at a gala dinner in London on Wednesday (5 February 2020), as part of a two-day industry conference event. 


The award is given annually to the owner of an innovative subsea vessel, the developer of innovative subsea equipment, or to a contractor responsible for an especially innovative subsea project.Launched in April 2019, the Sounder USV is a versatile multipurpose Unmanned Surface Vessel system, designed and built to provide the highest possible standard of data acquisition in all environments. 

Its unique hull design eliminates aeration and minimises drag to ensure high performance for hydroacoustic applications, while its slim bow, stabilising fins and triple rudders provide exceptional stability and manoeuvrability. Its innovative autonomy controller and robust and reliable propulsion system enable autonomous operations for up to 20 days, while extensive communications allow it to transfer data swiftly to shore and to act as a relay for AUVs.

The Sounder USV can be transported in a standard shipping container, allowing for efficient deployment anywhere in the world. Its KONGSBERG’s K-MATE autonomous surface vehicle control system enables it to follow survey patterns, autonomously track AUVs or simply shadow a mothership. This allows it to be put to work with equal effectiveness across a range of applications to suit the requirements of diverse market sectors.

Richard Mills, Vice President Marine Robotics Sales at Kongsberg Maritime, said: “This award is a fantastic acknowledgement of the capabilities of the Sounder USV, and confirms our belief that unmanned systems and data collect and distribution are the future of safe and efficient operations. Sounder is our latest development to enhance productivity while reducing operational costs: improving safety by removing people from potentially hazardous environments, and also reducing the carbon footprint of survey operations and promoting sustainable oceans. The combination of Sounder and Ocean Insight ensures instantaneous access to valuable data from anywhere in the world.

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GUNVOR HATLING MIDTBØ, Vice President, Communications,
Gunvor Hatling Midtbø
Vice President, Communications