The sky's the limit for multibeam data visualisation and sharing with new KONGSBERG Mapping Cloud solution

Advanced new cloud-based initiative provides secure platform for revolutionising survey data storage, processing, analysis and sharing

KONGSBERG unveils its new, leading-edge Mapping Cloud data handling solution at FEMME 2018 – the Forum for the Exchange of Mutual Multibeam Experiences – in Bordeaux, France. Mapping Cloud provides easy storage of different types of data within the Cloud, offering an accessible and practical means of uploading and distributing real-time data, which can be subsequently made available to use in diverse applications and products.

Mapping Cloud enables existing PC applications to be run in a Virtual Machine (VM) environment, and allows users to efficiently manage data processing, archiving and sharing with partners and customers through web browsers. With Mapping Cloud, data uploaded in e.g., Australia could be processed in Paris and the results displayed in San Francisco on a user's favourite application. By sharing secure data that can be worked on simultaneously, colleagues in different locations can share the workload and potentially generate invaluable insights.

This flexible, user-friendly methodology means that real-time or periodic data from KONGSBERG EM® systems can be uploaded and processed from literally any geographical location with internet access, and also saves on office space and expenditure as the only hardware requirement is a small PC. Mapping Cloud additionally negates the need for local disk storage in the office: data files are securely transferred, managed, shared, processed and archived on servers hosted in KONGSBERG's cloud-based Kognifai open digital platform.

KONGSBERG's partnerships with Geocap and Earth Analytic presents a virtually limitless selection of online mapping, spatial analytics and GIS applications for end users, all directly available from their web browser courtesy of Mapping Cloud's all-purpose functionality.

“Mapping Cloud is an innovative but easily configurable real-time solution which frees up the business of data handling from office-based constraints, while reducing infrastructure expenditure,” said Bjørn Jalving, Executive Vice President – Subsea, Kongsberg Maritime. “As the principles of digitalisation continue to transform subsea survey operations, with Mapping Cloud we have opened up a whole new world of collaborative possibilities.”

GUNVOR HATLING MIDTBØ, Vice President, Communications,
Gunvor Hatling Midtbø
Vice President, Communications