Sensor Fusion powers safe navigation with new generation Integrated Bridge System from KONGSBERG

New bridge system applies technology developed for autonomous vessels to deliver new levels of situational awareness to bridge crews.

New technology from KONGSBERG's extensive autonomous vessels program will contribute to improving the operational and safety performance of manned vessels with the launch of a new generation of Integrated Bridge System (IBS), which is being presented for the first time at SMM 2018 in Hamburg.

Through its work on new autonomous vessels such as YARA Birkeland, the world's first all-electric, zero emissions and autonomous container ship, Kongsberg Maritime has developed a cutting-edge, integrated technology platform designed to deliver complete situational awareness through the process of Sensor Fusion, where traditional navigation sensors such as Radar and Sonar are combined with cameras and lasers.

While Sensor Fusion informs the autonomy controller of an unmanned ship, KONGSBERG's application of the technology in its new IBS for crewed vessels introduces a new level of awareness for bridge crew, by delivering a holistic real-time navigational picture based on precise data from diverse sensors. The result is seamless, user-friendly presentation of vital data and more effective operation of navigation, remote control and advanced manoeuvring, automation, energy management and safety systems.

Already established as a technology-leading supplier of standardised and customised bridge systems for a wide range of vessels, Kongsberg Maritime has also further developed several key functions to deliver improved safety, especially in slow-speed situations. A new all-speed autopilot combes traditional autopilot and trackpilot functions with joystick and dynamic positioning into a single, common control logic, working from high-speed transit down to zero speed electronic anchoring or station keeping. Additionally, new automatic docking and soft thruster assist functions improve safety for critical operations. For passenger and cruise vessels, KONSGEBRG has also introduced a new full-size safety management and control system.

“Designed to meet all IMO and classification societies' requirements, our new generation IBS is all about the integration. It adds significant new technologies to deliver safer and more effective navigation and vessel operations, either as a standalone solution, or integrated with a full KONGSBERG vessel delivery featuring automation, data handling and energy control systems,” said Roger Trinterud, Senior Sales Manager, Kongsberg Maritime.