SEACOR Marine Orders Unique Hybrid Power and DP Upgrades for Three More Platform Supply Vessels

Energy efficient solution meets industry need to reduce CO2, NOx and SOx emissions. Milestone contract follows SEACOR Maya vessel conversion starting January 2018.

KONGSBERG has received an order to deliver unique ‘Full Picture’ technology upgrades for a further three Platform Supply Vessels (PSV) owned by Mantenimiento Express Marítimo SAPI de CV (“MEXMAR”), SEACOR Marine’s joint venture in Mexico. The contract follows the September 2017 contract for the same ground-breaking upgrade package on the SEACOR Maya PSV, which was an important step taken by MEXMAR towards meeting the increasing industry demand to reduce the environmental footprint of offshore operations.

Under the new contract, KONGSBERG will deliver and install a state-of-the-art hybrid power and DP upgrade designed to significantly enhance energy efficiency on board SEACOR Azteca, SEACOR Warrior and SEACOR Viking. With SEACOR Maya’s conversion starting this January, and the follow-up vessel conversions expected to be completed by July 2018, MEXMAR will soon be the only PSV owner in the Americas able to help its clients meet strict environmental regulations for decreasing CO2, NOx and SOx emissions.

While delivering unique environmental benefits for MEXMAR charter clients KONGSBERG’s hybrid power and DP solution adds safety and efficiency beyond conventional energy storage, in addition to enabling tangible operational cost savings through reduced fuel consumption. As a single supplier for the upgrades, KONGSBERG’s responsibility includes supply and full integration of the energy storage system with a custom designed Energy Control System (ECS), and the existing Dynamic Positioning (K-Pos DP-22) and Integrated Automation System (K-Chief 700 IAS), both of which will be upgraded as part of the contract.

“We are confident in the energy saving and safety elements of KONGSBERG’s hybrid technology for SEACOR Maya and keen to start migration of more of our vessels to this unique, environmentally friendly and highly efficient power solution,” said Tim Clerc, Manager of Engineering, SEACOR Marine. “With the reduction of environmental impact fast becoming a key criteria for our clients, it’s important that we are able to meet the changing needs in the market, which KONGSBERG technology is helping us to do. We will soon have four vessels operating on the most advanced hybrid powertrain available, offering capabilities and efficiency not available on any other PSVs operating in the Americas.”

GUNVOR HATLING MIDTBØ, Vice President, Communications,
Gunvor Hatling Midtbø
Vice President, Communications