Neptune Survey Singapore mobilises KONGSBERG equipment on two vessels

In December 2016, Neptune Survey Singapore mobilized a spread of KONGSBERG UPM equipment that includes APOS Survey and cNODE MiniS transponders on both the vessels Jascon34 and the Survey Support Vessel, the Far Scout to support the Enap Sipetrol Argentina (acting in its capacity of Representative of the Unión Transitoria de Empresas Magallanes) pipelay construction for its PIAM Project in the Magallanes Field, offshore Argentina.

Both vessels are equipped with HiPAP 501 used both by the KONGSBERG DP System as a Position Reference System as well as by the Neptune Survey team for the positioning of underwater targets, including Neptune's Comanche ROV and Neptune supplied bespoke Concrete Mattresses for pipeline crossing and protection.

With the APOS Survey, Neptune is able to reduce the time used for mobilization and any HSE risks. The Survey team is also able to work in Cymbal mode with the cNODE MiniS transponders achieving a better accuracy and repeatability in the challenging environment. APOS Survey allows survey operators to operate in Cymbal mode for SSBL, LBL and even Fast Track operation. And it will not interfere with the DP Station Keeping functionality.

Commenting on the successful implementation of APOS Survey and cNODE MiniS transponders, James Hope, Survey Manager at Neptune Survey Singapore, said: "During Neptune's work in Argentina, the APOS Survey systems have proved invaluable in allowing us to discreetly share and optimise the HiPAP 501 Systems on both vessels for our survey operations. We are also really impressed with the reliability of the cNODE MiniS working in what are close to the dictionary definition of challenging acoustic conditions."

"The belief and trust from the Vessel Owners and Neptune Survey Team and the close collaboration between all parties with Kongsberg ensured the installation and commissioning of APOS Survey on both vessels proceeded smoothly. Sharing the resources and obtaining a high quality result helps our customers to achieve operational excellence in their projects," says Che Keong Lee, Subsea Sales Manager from Kongsberg Maritime Singapore.