Limited Turnkey HUGIN AUV Package Now Available

  • Exclusive offer includes navigation, communication and subsea instruments in addition to all required operational and logistics components
KONGSBERG has announced the limited availability of a new turnkey HUGIN package, featuring the synonymous state-of-the-art Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) and all systems needed to store, transport, launch, operate and recover it from survey operations anywhere in the world.

As a turnkey solution, the package provides significant cost-savings for organisations seeking to expand their autonomous underwater capabilities for diverse applications, from commercial surveying and pipeline inspection through to marine and climate research. At the heart of the package is a sophisticated HUGIN AUV with a 1000 metre depth rating, dive time of up to 12 hours as standard and a max speed of 5 knots.

The HUGIN AUV comes pre-installed with an extensive payload of navigation, communication and hydroacoustic equipment, including a KONGSBERG EM 3002 multibeam echo sounder, EdgeTech Side Scan Sonar and EdgeTech Sub Bottom echo sounder. The complete package also includes a 20ft storage and shipping container, single stage stinger for easy launch and recovery, operator station, battery charger and tow fish & winch for communication.

"Although many HUGIN AUVs are delivered as turnkey solutions on a customised basis, this is the first time we have offered a HUGIN AUV as a pre-defined package with everything ready to go," said Richard Mills, Director Sales Marine Robotics, Kongsberg Maritime. "While providing significant cost savings, the customer can also be confident that the package provides high-end capabilities for multiple applications, backed-up by KONGSBERG's expertise and global support network."

Availability of the turnkey HUGIN AUV package is strictly limited. Full details on the HUGIN AUV and all included equipment can be found here.