Honored for Intelligent Transport

KONGSBERG receives the 2016 ITS prize for digitalisation, automation and robotisation within the transport sector.

ITS Norway, the national association for multimodal intelligent transport systems and services, awards an annual prize to a Norwegian person or organisation that has contributed to important technological and innovative progress within the transport sector. The 2016 prize goes to KONGSBERG.

"The main reason for awarding this year's prize to KONGSBERG is the company's role as a driving force within high-tech industrialisation for several decades. Despite it being a global company, most of its innovation is done in Norway. For several years the company has been proactive and willing to apply much of its knowledge to the ITS sector. KONGSBERG is, has been and will most likely continue to be a very important player in the development of Norwegian industry. The company is a worthy winner of this year's prize", says Ragnhild Wahl, Chairman of the board of ITS Norway.

Among the technologies that are highlighted in connection with the 2016 award are underwater vehicles and operations, digitalisation and automation of ship systems, solutions within satellite based infrastructure technologies such as AIS, and search and rescue. The group's active role in building a test facility for autonomous ships in the Trondheim Fjord, and the collaboration with Avinor for delivery of the world's first remote tower control systems, shows that it is a leading player within technologies for the transport sector, according to the jury's verdict.

In addition, the jury emphasises that the company is a driving force for digitalisation through the establishment of the business area Kongsberg Digital, which started up in 2016. The company will be working with next-generation digitalisation, where autonomy, artificial intelligence and smart data are important technologies.

"We are very pleased to receive this recognition. KONGSBERG has of some of the world's leading teams within our industrial areas, with more than 200 years of continuous innovation. Our clear ambition and goal is to be a leading player internationally. In a world of accelerating technological change, virtues such as curiosity, knowledge, determination and willingness to change are crucial", says President & Chief Executive Officer of KONGSBERG, Geir Håøy.