Kongsberg Mesotech successfully certifies seven participants as Factory Certified Trainers - Search and Recovery Sonar

Europe is an important market for Kongsberg Mesotech and with European sales accounting for 32% of its revenues in 2015, supporting users is vital. With 9 time zones between Kongsberg Mesotech in the Pacific Time Zone and Central European Time, the best way to effectively support the European customer base is to make excellent use of its Sales Affiliates and Agents.

As part of this, Kongsberg Mesotech held a training course at Escort Limited's offices in Szczecin, Poland from May 9 to 12, 2016. Each attendee had to complete 9 web-based prerequisite training modules with a passing grade of 80% before being permitted to attend the practical course. The students spent an average of 11 hours on these modules. In Szczecin, the attendees spent two days in the classroom reviewing MS1000 software procedures in detail, and analysing and interpreting sonar images with the effects of thermoclines, salinity and density. On Day 3, the students took to the water and prosecuted targets in four different locations, finding an uncharted wreck in the process. The last day involved each student giving an actual classroom lesson, followed by a debrief from their fellow classmates and the Chief Instructor Mark Atherton. Based on the course surveys, all the attendees found the course to be very valuable – even one of the attendees who has represented Mesotech sonar for 25 years.

Reducing travel time and expenses while improving customer service is in keeping with reducing the 7 Wastes in a Lean company. Kongsberg Mesotech now has Factory Certified Trainers in Denmark, Sweden, Romania, Poland and Scotland as well as an honorary European, Karl Luttrell of Science Diving who covers the US Midwest States. The business model has been proven, and Kongsberg Mesotech intends to offer Train the Trainer courses in Asia as well as for the Marine Engineering and Site Inspection market.