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Kongsberg Maritime opens new office in the Republic of Panama

Kongsberg Maritime has established a new country office in the Republic of Panama. Opened in January 2016 and situated in the 'Canal Zone' close to Panama City, Kongsberg Maritime Panama will service merchant fleet customers transiting the Canal and the extensive tug sector in the region, in addition to providing support for on-going or planned land reclamation dredging and new port and terminal construction projects.

Kongsberg Maritime Panama expands the Norwegian headquartered maritime technology company's global presence to 65 offices, all operating in key shipbuilding, merchant shipping and offshore hotspots around the world. The Kongsberg Maritime Panama office is located in Panama City's maritime district, close to ship terminals and launch boat stations for the waiting anchorages.

The set-up and management of Kongsberg Maritime Panama is carried out by Mr. Peter Pigmans, closely supported by the Kongsberg Maritime office in New Orleans. Peter was previously a member of the merchant service and support team at Kongsberg Maritime Holland, for nearly eight years.

Kongsberg Maritime Panama office building
The Kongsberg Maritime Panama office is located in Panama City's maritime district, close to ship terminals and launch boat stations for the waiting anchorages.

"This new office is an important addition to Kongsberg Maritime's worldwide service network. We are located in a merchant fleet hotspot, with good opportunities to carry out complex jobs, if necessary, on the anchorages – without disturbance during cargo operations," said Peter.

The 77km long Panama Canal, which connects the Pacific Ocean with the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, is one of the most important commercially operated waterways in the world. Between 30-40 container ships, tankers, bulk- and car-carriers, plus occasional cruise ships transit the Canal every day. Traffic is set to increase in the near future, as the 'Third set of locks' project, better known as the 'Canal Expansion', is scheduled for completion in April 2016.

The corresponding new Panamax dimensions for vessels passing will be 366 metres longitude, 49 metres width and a draft of 15.2 metres; therefore, the tonnage capacity of the Canal will be more than doubled. Several ports in the Americas have been adapted accordingly to this new capacity.

In addition to providing service and support at ports and anchorages on both sides of the Panama Canal, Kongsberg Maritime Panama will also operate as a centrally located service and support hub for the Latin American countries in the region. With well-developed logistic centres and a fast growing international airport, Panama is an ideal central location with direct and frequent flights to all major ports in Central and South America.

"Panama has seen rapid economic growth over the last decade and is one of the most politically stable countries in the region. There have been great improvements in infrastructure and logistics and there is a positive atmosphere. I am enthusiastic to be part of building up these new premises for Kongsberg Maritime and eager to make it a successful service station for the merchant division, while exploring opportunities in other sectors," adds Peter.