KONGSBERG autonomous underwater vehicles and hydrographic technology for new Peruvian arctic research vessel

Kongsberg Maritime has been chosen to deliver an integrated subsea technology systems package including two HUGIN Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV) for a new Peruvian Navy Hydrographic & Oceanographic research vessel. The 97 metre 'BAP Carrasco' is built at Construcciones Navales P. Freire shipyard in Vigo, Spain.

The advanced new research ship will have Polar capability and be classified with PC7 notation to perform research in Peruvian waters, in order to fulfil Peru's commitment under the Antarctic Treaty. The KONGSBERG technology on board will form the platform for the Peruvian Navy to perform missions within Hydrography, Oceanology, Geology, Biology and Geophysics.

Following the launch of BAP Carrasco in Vigo on 7th May 2016, KONGSBERG will fulfil the equipment delivery in collaboration with Robinson Marine Electronics in Callao, Peru and Simrad Spain SI. The full scope of supply includes:

  • Hydrography : KONGSBERG EM122 1ºx1º deepwater multibeam echo sounder, Kongsberg EA600 12,38 & 200 kHz single beam echo sounder
  • Geophysics : KONGSBERG SBP 120 3º Sub-bottom Profiler
  • Biology : Simrad EK80 18, 38, 70, 120 & 200 kHz scientific single beam multi-frequency echo sounder
  • Enhanced medium water operations : 2 x KONGSBERG HUGIN AUV with Hydrographic, Geology and Geophysics configuration for high resolution survey depth rated to 3,000 meters, KONGSBERG HiPAP

All KONGSBERG technology on BAP Carrasco will be fully integrated to ensure the highest level of performance. The delivery reflects Kongsberg Maritime's 'Integrated Systems for Research Vessels' approach, which has proven successful on many of the world's most advanced scientific ships in recent years.

To ensure optimal performance in all conditions, KONGSBERG will manage the proper installation of the acoustic transducers for ice water operations and the integration of various sub-systems including the K-Sync synchronisation unit, an advanced Position, Heading and Motion reference system and the MDM500 Marine Data Management system.