Integrated solutions for research vessels – KONGSBERG presents the 'Full Picture' at oceanology

Integrated Solutions for Research Vessels are in focus on the Kongsberg Maritime stand (D600) at Oceanology International 2016. The Norwegian headquartered global maritime technology company has over many years focused on a ‘Full Picture' strategy, which enables it to support Shipowners, Naval Architects and ship-builders throughout the entire design, construction and operational life-time of a vessel. KONGSBERG's Integrated Solutions for Research Vessels cover all key technology areas on board including navigation and automation, in addition to cutting-edge hydroacoustic and position reference systems.

By integrating and harmonising its extensive portfolio of high-technology marine and subsea systems, KONGSBERG can deliver and install a full suite of scientific acoustics systems, advanced K-Bridge navigation, fully interconnected with K-Chief automation and control systems, and K-Pos Dynamic Positioning, with all sensors shared throughout the network. Additional technologies include communication systems like the unique Marine Broadband Radio (MBR), underwater and vessel camera systems, seabed monitoring solutions and data handling applications such as the KONGSBERG Information Management System (K-IMS).

Integrated Solutions for Research Vessels takes the Full Picture to the next level. For research and surveying applications, KONGSBERG integrates the widest range of multibeam and single beam echo sounders, sonars, Marine Robotics systems (i.e. AUV) and position reference systems available from a single supplier. In addition to marine and subsea specific technology, The Full Picture strategy also supports vessel designers, shipyards at the procurement and engineering phases, and owners/operator with single source service and support throughout the life-time of a vessel. This significantly reduces the amount of suppliers in the chain, resulting in streamlined vessel construction, and effective support during operations.

The advanced multi-purpose research vessel R/V Ramon Margalef, which belongs to the Spanish Oceanographic Institute (IEO) is a contemporary example of an Integrated Solutions for Research Vessels delivery. KONGSBERG played an important role in the vessel's construction by delivering and integrating all key vessel technology systems including K-Bridge navigation and an extensive hydroacoustic suite, which today enables high productivity, with acoustic synchronisation for accurate research.

Specifically at Oceanology, KONGSBERG is showing new products that can be delivered as part of an Integrated Solution for Research Vessels, including the latest generation HiPAP system, cNODE miniS transponders, EM 712 shallow-to-medium depth multibeam echo sounder, EA 440 single beam echo sounder, MGC R3 gyrocompass and the Seapath series of Heading, Attitude and Positioning Sensors. All of these new technologies can be included in a custom Full Picture delivery featuring navigation, automation and positioning systems across the entire vessel.

"We are uniquely positioned to support shipyards and owners above and below the water," said Helge Uhlen, VP Subsea Sales, Kongsberg Maritime. "A Full Picture delivery is a complete collaboration with all stakeholders, ensuring a harmonised technology solution that benefits vessel operations, from complex scientific research using de-facto industry standard hydroacoustic systems to safe voyage making, engine monitoring and data handling. As a single supplier we act as a partner for the vessel's whole design, construction, maintenance and operational cycle, ensuring reliability and high performance across the board."