Integrated Navigation and Automation Solution for New Luxury Ice Class Cruise Ship

  • KONGSBERG suppplying the 'Full Picture' for stunning new Scenic Cruises ship
  • Delivery includes state-of-the-art K-Master bridge system, advanced maneuvering and automation technology
Kongsberg Maritime technology has been chosen for installation aboard Australian cruise line Scenic Cruises' new ice class cruise ship. The 228-passenger, 168 metre long Scenic Eclipse features an ice strengthened hull, but with sleek lines and a myriad of state-of-the art technology and luxury fittings, it takes its design cues from the exclusive world of billionaire's megayachts. Scenic Eclipse is currently under construction at Uljanik Shipyard in Croatia, with delivery expected during 2018.

The KONGSBERG scope of supply combines navigation and Dynamic Positioning (DP) systems, automation, Emergency Shutdown System (ESD), Power Management System (PMS) and Safety Management and Control System (SMCS) into a single Integrated Control System. It is designed to support the vessel's operational profile as an ice class exploration vessel and will be integrated with an online diagnostics and remote service facility. The comprehensive K-Chief automation control system features close to 10,000 I/O points and will be distributed in the vessel's fire zones to ensure maximum reliability and operation even in critical situations.

Scenic Eclipse

The Scenic Eclipse's bridge will be focused around the K-Master Integrated Bridge System, a unique system designed with the operator in focus. The configuration is centred on two independent and redundant workstations, with multifunctional operator stations for navigation and positioning using a common user interface through touch screens, which replace traditional operator panels. An important aspect of the system will be Kongsberg Maritime's unique redundant radar network, which uniquely enables navigators to combine signals from all four radars on board into a single picture for maximum situational awareness. In addition to navigation radars, the Scenic Eclipse will also have functions for ice detection, and wave height and direction calculations.

Scenic Eclipse will also benefit from the advanced KONGSBERG SMCS on board, which gathers all safety-relevant information into a common platform for manual and/or automatic processing. It ensures that sub-systems such as Fire Detection, Emergency Shutdown, Flooding Control, Fire Extinguishing, CCTV and the Integrated Alarm Monitoring and Control System (IAMCS) are all tightly interfaced, which enables a strong platform for safe operations. The SMCS provides adaptive information for each abnormal situation to allow the operator to deal with the situation efficiently by presenting the complete status through dynamic objects viewed on top of the general arrangement/ safety plan, including possibility for access and operation of the alarms list.Three years in the planning and described by Scenic Cruises as 'the world's first discovery yacht', Scenic Eclipse is intended to take ocean cruising to a completely new level in terms of technology and innovation. Joining the KONGSBERG control and automation technology on board are two helicopters, a 7-person submarine and a marina with a fleet of Zodiac RIBS all in place to get guests close to the action. Luxury as well as technology is the key to the guest experience on board, with Scenic Cruises promising an almost 1:1 guest to staff/crew ratio, with all guest suites having a dedicated butler.

"We're delighted to be part of such a unique vessel designed to offer something completely different to the burgeoning adventure cruises market," said Halvard Foss, Vice President Sales Offshore Europe & Americas, Kongsberg Maritime. "Scenic Eclipse is special in every way, from the luxury guest experience to the vessel's operational capabilities enabled by the systems we are supplying, which have already been tried and tested on some of the world's largest cruise ships and the most exclusive megayachts."