Hydroid Announces REMUS Software Updates

Kongsberg Maritime subsidiary Hydroid, Inc., a manufacturer of marine robotic systems, has released version 7.4.0 software updates for its REMUS autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) and REMUS Vehicle Interface Program (VIP), an intuitive graphical interface that allows users to view the vehicle's status, program missions and download the data, all from one easy-to-use program.

The 7.4.0 software updates include

REMUS Vehicle

  • Added Support for the Line Capture Line Recovery (LCLR) Module : This allows for increased operational flexibility for autonomous launch and recovery.
  • Added Support for the BlueView MB1350 Multibeam Profiler Sonar : The Blueview Multibeam sensor is now used in conjunction with a sidescan sonar to fill the sidescan nadir.
  • Improved Navigation with the Kearfott INS : The Kearfott INS has been updated with the sound speed calculated by REMUS, which allows it to perform well in low or near zero salinity environments.
  • RECON Interface (Version 1.26) : RECON now supports USBL range bearing measurements. A new command has been added to the RECON interface to provide the range and bearing to the transponder. This will enable customer applications to gain access to the DUSBL data to perform homing and docking maneuvers.
  • Added support for the Rockwell Collins Polaris GPS : Changing between the GB-GRAM and Polaris GPS receivers is now supported with the REMUS configuration file.


  • Improved Licensing : The Hydroid VIP now uses an encrypted license file for defining the licensed options with the VIP.
  • Automatic Identification System : The Automatic Identification System (AIS) is a tracking system used on ships for identifying and locating vessels by electronically exchanging data. The VIP will now show ship traffic and current positions on the navigation page.
  • Added VIPRE interface : The added VIPRE interface is a TCP/IP server running within the VIP that provides real-time status to the vehicle connected via the Ethernet or Wi-Fi. The interface supports mission uploads and downloads, vehicle status and acoustic modem messages for up to four vehicles.