New dynamic positioning course at Kongsberg Maritime in Houston reduces sea time training requirement

Kongsberg Maritime's training center in Houston, Texas has become the first maritime training facility in North America to offer the Nautical Institute accredited Sea Time Reduction Course for Dynamic Positioning Operators (DPO). Kongsberg Maritime already offers the course at its training facility in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. The course reduces the time spent at sea required to achieve the Nautical Institute's DPO certification by up to 6 weeks, through more focus on realistic simulation exercises on a Kongsberg Maritime full-mission K-Sim DP simulator.
Sea Time Reduction Course for Dynamic Positioning Operators (DPO) focuses on extensive simulator training (generic image).

Sea Time Reduction is an intensive five day simulator course wherein DPOs can earn significant credit towards DP certification. During the course, participants will work with practical scenarios based on real operations, training on planning and executing specific operations under varying simulated conditions. The scenarios will be run on a K-Pos DP System Class 3 in a full mission simulator environment connected to an advanced simulator control (NI Class A). K-Sim DP is a proven simulator platform, providing highly realistic training in terms of operational processes and life-like physical consoles and visual system.

In addition to simulator training on routine and emergency situations, the new course covers the study of DP incidents and the construction and use of worksite diagrams, electronic charts and vessel templates for use in DP operations. Additionally, trainees will learn how to prepare plans for DP operations, including contingency plans, whilst carrying out risk and safety analysis and defining the DP equipment classes. The course also places focus on the DP system's utilization of position reference measurements and the various position reference systems available.

"Training for a Dynamic Positioning Operator (DPO) certificate can be a time consuming process, which involves onshore courses and DP watch keeping experience on DP vessels," said Jon Holvik, President Kongsberg Maritime Inc. "Training DPOs at sea is expensive and may cause risks, so replacing some of the time a trainee spends at the controls of a real ship in a safe, high quality simulated environment is an attractive proposition, especially for operators in the Gulf of Mexico, where there is significant demand for well-trained DPOs."

Kongsberg Maritime is the world leading provider of DP control systems and a leading provider of maritime training courses from its facilities in Norway, Aberdeen, Houston, Rio de Janeiro and Singapore. The company's Houston training center is available to suit the training needs of the offshore industry in the Gulf of Mexico and further afield with an array of world class K-Sim Navigation and K-Sim DP simulators, making use of the same hardware and software found on vessels around the world. Additional product training is also available on the latest in Automation, Acoustic, and Global Positioning Systems.

Earlier this week, Kongsberg Maritime also launched a new DPO training initiative. The brand new ‘KONGSBERG Training Scheme for DP Operators' is based on a combination of new and established DNV training standards, with the learning process designed by Kongsberg Maritime. The scheme is a step-change in the critical area of DPO training, with teaching and assessor competence, and the use of advanced simulators forming the platform for training high quality DPOs in a significantly reduced timeframe.