World's largest inland port selects KONGSBERG Multibeam Echo sounder

The Port of Duisburg is located at the confluence of Rhine and Ruhr two major shipping arteries that link central European industry as well as consumers to the seaports on the North Sea coast. Occupying an area of 3350 acres including 21 basins with a total size of 450 acres, the Port of Duisburg moves more than 120 million tons of goods per year.

Bathymetry of harbour basin.

Duisport – Duisburg Hafen AG, the owner of the public Port of Duisburg has decided to upgrade their survey capability from a previously used single beam echosounder to the wide swath bathymetry system GeoSwath Plus. The system provides full bathymetry coverage of the harbour basins with unprecedented resolution, while at the same time cutting down on survey time. The side scan data that is co-registered with the system can also be used to detect debris as well as mapping bottom types. The data provides the basis for monitoring and maintaining the most important asset of a port, its basins and shipping channels.