KONGSBERG introduces new summer project for students


KONGSBERG has introduced a new student project called Zeppaloon. The program provides students with the opportunity to resolve a complex technological task during the summer months of 2014.

KONGSEBRG already has vast experience with several summer projects. The assignment for the Zeppaloon project is to develop a scaled unmanned airship to simulate the dynamic positioning technology that KONGSBERG uses to operate offshore vessels in challenging conditions. This involves developing a prototype with sub systems such as; software, sensors and reference systems, thruster and power management and control algorithms. The prototype must be able to operate in the same challenging conditions that KONGSBERG systems are exposed to every day.

Through the design, development and test phases, students are guided by highly skilled and experienced engineers from KONGSBERG. The Zeppaloon project will continue throughout the year, through student theses and scientific research.

"This is a great opportunity for students to familiarize themselves with KONGSBERG as a company while having a challenging summer and gaining valuable experience. Our previous summer projects have been very popular, and we hope Zeppaloon will be just as successful. We look forward to welcoming talented young applicants into the program," comments Wenche Moen, HR advisor.