KONGSBERG connects seismic vessels

A cutting-edge communication solution developed by Kongsberg Seatex for the marine seismic sector is set to be a highlight at SEG Denver 2014 (the Society of Exploration Geophysicists Annual Meeting) on 26-31 October (Booth #2414). The KONGSBERG MBR system enables high speed, high capacity and extremely robust data, voice and video transfer between multiple vessels and other assets. The KONGSBERG MBR is set to revolutionise inter-vessel communication in the seismic industry, where the capability to quickly and reliably transfer data is a significant operational advantage.


The MBR system is a maritime radio network distribution system operating in the 5GHz band and has demonstrated stable, high capacity communication in a maritime environment, handling close by vessel operations, platform obstructions and distances in excess of 50km. Operating as a maritime 'Information Highway', MBR connects crews and their vessels with a high-speed and high capacity digital communication channel with 'Fast Track' priority options. Optimised to securely carry a diverse array of operational information (from real-time video streams to system data), MBR allows remotely situated teams to work together seamlessly, co-ordinating systems and activities for optimal performance, safety and operational success.

A seismic vessel needs to communicate with its workboat for safety and operational reasons and MBR will provide a link to HD video cameras and other sources for everyday use. Large wide- and multi-azimuth operations will also benefit from the robust broadband communication channel. Unlike satellite, Wi-Fi, or mobile network platforms, MBR requires no extra infrastructure or equipment beyond the units on participating vessels/assets. This makes it a simple to use and maintain solution for enhancing overall project efficiency in seismic operations.

"All Marine Seismic Operations are in reality multi vessel operations and require reliable communication. MBR represents a quantum leap in reliability for this type of communication and we believe that users will experience a whole new performance level enabling them to benefit from safer and more efficient operations," said Gard Ueland, President of Kongsberg Seatex. "KONGSBERG is continuously developing its core technologies and the highly sophisticated MBR technology is an excellent example of this innovation process."