FEMME 2015 multibeam user conference save the date and call for papers

The 14th edition of Kongsberg Maritime's biennial Forum for Exchange of Mutual Multibeam Experiences (FEMME 2015) conference takes place in Singapore from 17-19 November 2015. All users of Kongsberg Maritime underwater mapping systems are invited to attend the event.

FEMME 2015

Kongsberg Maritime will offer a packed schedule of technical product and application papers, with the majority of presentation slots reserved for its multibeam user customers, so that they may share technical experience and insight with industry colleagues. Kongsberg Maritime is now accepting paper abstracts for consideration at FEMME 2015.'FEMME is all about the users and we're looking forward to finding out what they have in store for us following today's call for papers,' says Helge Uhlen, Product Sales Manager, Kongsberg Maritime. 'We're looking for papers that describe innovative new applications of our multibeam systems, specific insight into niche topics or reviews of significant projects that can teach the industry how to work smarter.'

Kongsberg Maritime multibeam users are encouraged to submit paper abstracts covering different applications, both traditional and new. Topics covered to a high-technical level at the last FEMME included logging, displaying and processing water column data, also referred to as mid-water column data, and seabed backscatter data.

All paper abstracts will be accepted and reviewed, and successful applicants will be informed after the submission deadline of 1st March 2015. Applicants should send paper abstracts to: