Impressive EM2040 Compact Multibeam Demonstration in The Netherlands

At the marina Muiderzand, in The Netherlands this October, KONGSBERG customers gathered together to experience the impressive EM2040 Compact multibeam system on board the survey vessel Havenschap 1, owned by Groningen Seaports.

The Havenschap 1 has a moonpool mounting configuration for the EM2040C single sonar head together with a dual frequency single beam transducer; a proven concept that is easy to install.

The demonstrations took place over different areas including, shallow water with sandy bottom and also with a muddy bottom. The bottom conditions are sometimes difficult due to steep slopes and deep water however all the results were excellent.

Results from the demonstration showed just how clean the raw and unprocessed (with filters off) data can be when using the EM2040 Compact.

Due to the high pinging frequency, harbour mooring poles of 20cm diameter were nicely detected even with relatively high vessel speeds. It’s impressive to see what the EM2040 Compact can do in the range of 200 to 400 kHz. This image shows Data taken when entering the marina at 6km/h, at 2.8m depth (notice the rope on first pole).

Survey over wrecks was no problem at all either. You can even see the railing near to the bow of the vessel on this image.
The 45 customers that joined us over the two day demo event were impressed to see such clean raw data provided by the EM2040 Compact, without any spikes even with all filters off. The data is so clean that it can be used without further processing, making surveys much more efficient.