KONGSBERG demonstrates new integrated naval training solution at I/ITSEC 2012

Fully integrated naval training system for complex multi-skills, team and force-level integrated naval scenarios.

KONGSBERG will debut its latest integrated naval training solution at I/ITSEC 2012, Dec 3 – Dec 6 in Orlando, Florida. PROTEUS INTERACT (Integrated Naval Training Environment for Resource management And Crew Teamwork) is a joint development between the simulation and training departments of KONGSBERG, and is the first solution designed to offer fully integrated naval training for complex multi-skills, team and force-level integrated naval scenarios.

PROTEUS INTERACT is the latest offering in KONGSBERG’s robust PROTEUS family of naval training solutions. It uses a low-risk high level architecture (HLA) to create a federation of KONGSBERG PROTEUS naval training solutions and POLARIS Ship Bridge Simulators. By combining these two class-leading families of trainers, KONGSBERG has created a scalable training solution based on a common, low-risk, cost-effective software family to provide a stable simulation environment.

Customers’ legacy HLA-compliant and Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) compatible trainers can easily be incorporated into the PROTEUS INTERACT HLA federation, to optimise existing training capabilities and increase the affordability of this innovative solution for collective crew training. Additionally and where required, sophisticated KONGSBERG NEPTUNE Engine Room Simulators can be federated with PROTEUS INTERACT to provide completely integrated naval vessel training. This includes the effects of engine room and other engineering failures on tactical decision making by the Combat Information Center (CIC) and bridge teams, making a realistic whole crew simulation and training environment possible to practice a wide range of scenarios and to counter potential threats.

Such scenarios and threats include counter-swarm training, mission rehearsal, after action review, area access or area denial operations, operations to protect the overall maritime infrastructure, and for many other naval, coastguard and maritime policing roles, including developing and validating concepts of operations.

For the first time, KONGSBERG’s PROTEUS INTERACT connects together the bridge and CIC teams with crew-served weapon operators, lookouts, cooperating vessels, helicopters, aircraft, UAVs, threats and traffic ships that all operate in a common scenario. Individual POLARIS and PROTEUS systems can still be used as part-task trainers as required to teach basic operator and team skills or, using PROTEUS INTERACT, federated to create a powerful training environment for the whole crew and its cooperating assets, all in real-time.

Trainers can be generic, as in the PROTEUS Action Speed Tactical Trainer (ASTT) and the POLARIS Ship Bridge Simulator (SBS), or designed to accurately emulate real equipment, systems and operating environments. PROTEUS software is already used in the Royal Norwegian Navy’s Ula Class submarine Command Team Trainer (CTT), and is to be used as the basis of the Royal Australian Navy’s (RAN) latest Hobart Class AEGIS Destroyer CTT.

KONGSBERG has been a key player in naval and maritime simulation for more than 40 years and is widely recognized as a world leader in both fields. PROTEUS naval part task and skills trainers, CTTs and integrated naval and maritime training solutions are in service worldwide. KONGSBERG ship bridge and engine room simulation technology is currently in use by naval and merchant customers worldwide, with an installed base exceeding 750 systems, spanning the full range of high intensity training solutions from desktop to full-mission trainers. The United States Navy currently operates over 100 KONGSBERG POLARIS-based Navigation, Seamanship, and Shiphandling Training (NSST) systems that are used to support shore based and at-sea training aboard more than 85 ships in the fleet. This highly successful program has resulted in recognition by the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) of the KONGSBERG NSST as a USN Program of Record.

PROTEUS INTERACT will be available for delivery in Q1 of 2013.