Simrad's Russian language website goes live

Major translation project to support growing market completed.

From left: Ragnar Branæs, information developer at Simrad and Gleb Tchaikovski in charge of Simrad’s Russian sales.

Simrad, a division of Kongsberg Maritime AS and the world's leading manufacturer of hydro acoustic products for commercial fishing vessels, has completed the translation of its website into Russian. The website has already been available in Spanish and French in addition to Norwegian and English for a number of years.

Ragnar Branæs, Simrad led the effort to translate several hundred pages of in-depth technical information written to support skippers in selecting the right Simrad product for the job. Branæs noted that unlike other manufacturers that devote only a single page to each of their products - usually only a short description and a link to download brochures and manuals, Simrad products may get up to a dozen pages of coverage on

"We try to explain and illustrate every important feature and function of each product, including system diagrams, and maintenance and installation basics. While not a substitute for our manuals and training courses, an experienced skipper can quickly get a good idea about how our equipment is used and operated just by visiting Company owners and managers, on the other hand, can read how Simrad equipment can improve the effectiveness and profitability of their fishing vessels," said Mads Dahl, Simrad's Director of Sales and Marketing.

"Simrad has been supplying its equipment to the USSR and the Russian fishing fleet for over 40 years. Russia is one of the few countries that still has a very sizeable deep sea factory trawler fleet capable of fishing in all of the world's oceans. The industry has been reorganized to focus on long term stability and to classify its most important fisheries as environmentally sound. Sales of Simrad's latest products, such as the SX90 sonar, the FS70 trawl sonar and the ES70 echosounder have been growing in the last three years and we felt we needed to make all our information more accessible for our customers in Russia," continues Dahl.

The Russian pages can be accessed by clicking on the Russian flag on Simrad's home page or directly at