KONGSBERG Unveils 3D Sonar Profiling Capability with New MS1000 Software

Kongsberg Mesotech unveiled today the latest release of MS1000 software for MS1071 and MS1171 Digital Scanning Sonar. This version provides stunning high-resolution underwater records when combined with Kongsberg MS1171 Profiling Sonar and precision rotators.

These added capabilities greatly extend the usefulness of MS1071 and MS1171 Profiling Sonar and will be of particular interest to service companies engaged in Underwater Inspection and surveys of Underwater Infrastructure.

High Resolution 3D Sonar Data

The Kongsberg Underwater Inspection System (Profiling Sonar, Precision Rotator and Release 4.6 software) will produce much more detailed and precise underwater 3D data than the point cloud data typically seen. Data is post processed using one of a number of commercially available post processing packages, including Trimble RealWorks and Leica Cyclone.

The capability to produce detailed underwater 3D surveys was ably demonstrated by VRT of Finland's recent engineering survey of bridges combining data from Kongsberg Underwater Inspection Systems and above water laser data.

Microsoft® Windows 7 Support

Version 4.6 is also fully compatible with Microsoft® Windows 7 Pro Edition, Microsoft® Windows 7 Ultimate Edition, and earlier Microsoft® Windows versions, notably Microsoft® Windows XP Pro. Kongsberg Mesotech Ltd.'s commitment to keeping pace with developing standards minimizes computer compatibility issues for our customers.

HMI Language Support – German and Mandarin

Also recently added to the MS1000 software are user interfaces in both German and Mandarin in response to demand for user interfaces in these languages.

Interfaces Added – Microsoft Windows 64 bit USB Driver, Valeport Midas BathyPack, 32/64 bit Serial Interface. These interfaces and drivers have been added to expand the usefulness of Kongsberg Scanning Sonar and keep pace with developments in 64 bit operating systems. Certified USB drivers can be obtained from either the MS1000 Installation directory or from the Microsoft Update® website. The addition of the Valeport Midas BathyPack telemetry capability to the ROV hub was in response to ROV operators wanting to combine this data with sonar data.