New Motion Reference Unit from Kongsberg Seatex at Oceanology International

New generation of the de-facto industry standard attitude determination sensors.

The MRU 5+

Kongsberg Seatex is showing its newest Motion Reference Unit, the MRU 5+ to the marine science and survey industry on the Kongsberg Maritime stand (E600) at Oceanology International 2010. The new MRU 5+ builds on the already cutting-edge technology employed in previous MRU generations and takes roll, pitch and heave measurements closer to perfection than ever before, with documented roll and pitch accuracy of 0.01° RMS.

"The Kongsberg Seatex MRU was originally launched in 1992 at Oceanology International in Brighton, so we are delighted that 18 years later, we are able to return to this industry leading event with the next evolution of a product that has become the de-facto industry standard, having deployed over 7000 units so far across a diverse range of applications," states Finn Otto Sanne, Product Manager, Kongsberg Seatex.

The new industry-best accuracy provided by the MRU5+ is achieved through use of sophisticated inertial sensors including linear accelerometers and Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems – MEMS – rate gyros specially developed for maritime use by Kongsberg Seatex. The new MEMS rate gyro, of which there are three in each MRU, combines very low noise, excellent bias stability and outstanding gain accuracy. Solid-state sensors with n moving parts, combined with the respected electrical and mechanical construction of Kongsberg Seatex’s previous MRU generations, enables very high lifetime reliability across all applications, which include:

  • Motion compensation of single and multi-beam echo sounders
  • High speed craft motion control and damping systems
  • Heave compensation of offshore cranes
  • Hydro acoustic positioning
  • Ship motion monitoring
  • Ocean wave measurements
  • Antenna motion compensation and stabilization

Kongsberg Seatex has ensured that installation and configuration of the MRU 5+ is straightforward, by further developing its Windows based configuration and data presentation software, MRC. The MRC software is incredibly flexible, and includes data protocols for the most commonly used single and multibeam echo sounder systems. A series of simple menu prompts allows the user to choose the optimum configuration for a specific application ensuring that MRU 5+ will always provide maximum performance.

In addition to simple, flexible installation and configuration, MRU 5+ makes it easy to distribute the MRU data to multiple users on board the vessel via Ethernet, whilst output protocols for commonly used survey equipment are available on two individually configurable serial lines and Ethernet/UDP. Further connections include external input of speed and heading information on separate serial lines for improved accuracy in heave, roll and pitch during measurements turns and acceleration.

Visit stand E600 at Oceanology International 2010 to find out more about the new Kongsberg Seatex MRU 5+.