New KONGSBERG company officially opened in St. Petersburg

Special focus on advanced simulation technologies for new Russian office.

Employees at the new Kongsberg Maritime Tech LCC office in St. Petersburg.

The office of the new wholly owned Kongsberg Maritime Company, Kongsberg Maritime Tech LLC was officially opened in St. Petersburg, Russia on 23rd March 2010. The new Kongsberg Maritime company has been established to further strengthen Kongsberg Maritime Simulation & Training's technology and the team of 15 employees will have a special focus on advanced simulation technologies, development and hydrodynamic modelling.

Kongsberg Maritime Simulation & Training already has close simulator development ties with the team in St. Petersburg, having co-operated with them during the development of a new Kongsberg Maritime offshore simulator. As a wholly owned Kongsberg Maritime company, Kongsberg Maritime Tech LLC will support the development of simulator technology, ensuring that the leading marine and offshore simulator developer strengthens its position at the cutting edge in terms of realism and pedagogical value.

"Over the last two years during the development of the new offshore simulator, we have come to recognise the team in St. Petersburg as dedicated, innovative and dependable so we are delighted to formalise the establishment of this new Kongsberg Maritime company," says Chairman of Kongsberg Maritime Tech LLC, Terje Heierstad.

Kongsberg Maritime is committed to ongoing simulator development to ensure that it can offer customers the most realistic, high-fidelity simulation based on available computing power and speed. Kongsberg Maritime Simulation & Training will continue to focus on innovation and R&D in the coming years and the opening of Kongsberg Maritime Tech LLC in St. Petersburg is an important strategic decision to ensure access to the best technical personnel and collective experience, now and in the future.