Major contract for Offshore Simulators signed with Haugesund Simulatorcenter

Kongsberg Maritime's simulation division has signed a new contract to deliver a range of offshore simulators to the newly founded Haugesund Simulatorcenter in Norway. The contract, which was signed on 16th June 2010 is for the 2011 delivery of a 360 degree visual offshore vessel simulator with interface to a range of specialised task simulators for team training of complex offshore operations.

The offshore vessel simulator will include a main bridge with forward DNV class A and aft bridge configuration.

The offshore vessel simulator, which includes a main bridge with forward DNV class A and aft bridge configuration, is fully equipped with anchor handling and Dynamic Positioning (DP) functionalities. Integrated with the KONGSBERG K-Pos DP21, the offshore vessel simulator fulfils the Nautical Institute's DP training requirements, allowing for a reduction in training time at sea. Also included in the delivery is an assisting offshore vessel simulator that can be configured as a 2nd anchor handling vessel for team training of complex anchor handling operations.

The delivery also comprises a KONGSBERG offshore crane simulator, which will be developed on the same technology platform and integrated with the offshore vessel simulator. For maximum training realism, the crane simulator will be interfaced to a real deck-mounted knuckle-boom subsea crane for lifting and subsea operations, and to a wire-luffing lattice pedestal crane for platform lifting operations.

Combined with the extensive crane simulator experience of Kongsberg Maritime's subsidiary GlobalSim Inc. the crane simulator will offer the possibility of team training in complex lifting operations, as well as 'stand alone' training for crane operators. For complex underwater operations, the offshore vessel simulator will also be interfaced with a GRL DeepTouch ROV (Remote Operating Vessel) simulator, representing an innovation in the offshore training industry.

The newly founded Haugesund Simulatorcenter, is 46% owned by ResQ, a group that represents four major regional ship owners at Haugalandet; Knutsen OAS Shipping AS, Solstad Shipping AS, Eidesvik AS and Johannes Ostensjo D.Y. AS. ResQ has in recent years become a major provider of security and emergency training for the maritime and oil & gas industry in Norway. Haugesund University College and DOF Management AS are also share holders in the new centre whilst Kongsberg Maritime's interests include a 15% share and one member of the board.

At full capacity, the centre will, in addition to Haugesund University College's maritime education program, conduct training for 1500-2000 course participants on an annual basis. It will offer training courses in anchor handling, offshore loading, offshore crane operation and integrated training on subsea operations comprising bridge, platform, crane and ROV. These programs will significantly contribute to building competence amongst offshore vessel crew and system operators and ensure increased safety and efficiency in critical as well as day to day operations.

"In addition to enhanced safety and emergency preparedness, the new simulator centre is expected to result in time and cost savings. The offshore vessel crews and specialists will be given the possibility to interact and train procedures as well as emergency situations prior to a mission, which ensures that all eventualities can be planned for, for every different operation," comments Torodd Lokna, Chairman of the Board at the Haugesund Simulatorcenter

As an innovator in the world of maritime simulation, Kongsberg Maritime is a major player in offshore simulation, having delivered globally, sophisticated training solutions for ship's handling, DP, anchor handling, liquid cargo handling including LNG, tugging, crisis management, power management and propulsion, and crane operation. In close cooperation with customers, Kongsberg Maritime ensures that simulator development moves in the direction required by the offshore industry. This is reflected in ongoing development of the EMAS Academy in Singapore and the Feb 2010 completion and delivery of the world's most advanced Offshore Supply Vessel simulator, including a cutting-edge, next generation Anchor Handling Simulator to the Maersk Offshore Simulation and Innovation Centre (MOSAIC) in Svendborg, Denmark.