GeoAcoustics releases GeoSwath Plus Compact for simultaneous swath bathymetry and side scan seabed mapping

Truly Portable Shallow Water Swath Bathymetry for Small Boat Operations.

GeoSwath Plus Compact splash protected deck unit. The unit connects to the operator's laptop or directly to monitor and keyboard. It operates on 24 V with 40 W consumption.
The compact wet-end for over-the-side mounting holds the dual head transducer together with the ancillary sensor. It can be pre-calibrated and weights as little as 17 kg.

Leading manufacturer of sonar seabed survey equipment, GeoAcoustics Ltd, recently released the GeoSwath Plus Compact for wide swath bathymetry. This new shallow water multibeam and side scan system is based on the most successful phase measuring bathymetric sonar in the market, the Geoswath Plus.

GeoSwath Plus Compact offers efficient simultaneous swath bathymetry and side scan seabed mapping with accuracies that have been shown to exceed the SP-44 ed.5 Special Order IHO standards for hydrographic surveys. Available in three frequency versions, 125, 250 and 500 kHz, the system has depth performance of 200, 100 and 50 m respectively. The applied phase measuring bathymetric sonar technology provides data coverage of up to 12 times the water depth, giving unsurpassed survey efficiency in shallow water environments for hydrographic mapping, dredging, environmental and inspection surveys, as well as military applications like rapid environmental assessments and mine counter measures.

The system's splash protected deck unit is designed to be deployed on small vessels like dinghies and jet skis. The deck unit operates on 24 V power supply with only 40 W consumption and connects to the operator's laptop computer. The wet-end consists of an integrated mounting for the newly designed dual transducer head and all ancillary sensors. It can be pre-calibrated, allowing for fast installation on the smallest boats of opportunity, ensuring the user spends time on the water, getting the survey done.

GeoAcoustics is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kongsberg Maritime and GeoSwath Plus Compact completes the company's portfolio of multibeam systems, ranging from the full ocean depth to this truly portable solution for small craft shallow water operations.