GeoAcoustics launches its new digital side scan sonar - Sonar 2094 Digital

GeoAcoustics, A Kongsberg Company, is proud to launch the next generation of digital side scan sonars: the all new Sonar 2094 Digital.

1.000m depth rated aluminium towfish of GeoAcoustics' digital side scan sonar "Sonar 2094 Digital".

Sonar 2094 Digital is based upon the industry standard GeoAcoustics Dual Frequency Side Scan Sonar. Around 1000 of these systems have been sold since their 1994 launch and hundreds of thousands of line-kilometers have been surveyed across the World's oceans. The system is renowned for its data quality, ease of use, ruggedness and dependability.

Sonar 2094 Digital combines these features with the latest in digital technology to generate a giant leap in system performance:

  • Simultaneous dual frequency, 114 kHz and 410 kHz
  • 24bit data acquisition offering a dynamic range that makes acquisition AGC and TVG obsolete thus providing repeatable results
  • Extended range performance through 20 MHz raw data sampling and dynamic digital filtering techniques
  • Improved resolution
  • Very long cable operation

Sonar 2094 Digital incorporates the established 159D towfish design which is now equipped with new, fully digital electronics, supported by a wide bandwidth link to the new Digital Side Scan Transceiver deck unit.

The towfish can be supplied with attitude and/or depth sensors options as well as an RS232 channel for a magnetometer interface. Its standard depth rating is 1000 m with a 2000 m rated towfish available.

The Digital Side Scan Transceiver has an onboard Windows® PC for acquisition software installation and can be delivered with an inbuilt GPS interface.

Attractive upgrade paths are available for existing GeoAcoustics Dual Frequency Side Scan users.