TORM opts for KONGSBERG bearing wear monitoring

First delivery of new engine monitoring systems to TORM's eleven new build vessels.

Bearing wear monitoring sensor.

New bearing wear monitoring system

Kongsberg Maritime started delivery of its new Bearing Wear Monitoring System (BWMS) in March 2009 for a series of eleven new vessels in production in China for Danish shipping company TORM. The new engine monitoring solution was ordered in February 2009 and will integrate with the K-Chief 500 automation solution already selected by TORM for all eleven new builds.

For large two stroke diesel engines

The Bearing Wear Monitoring System is designed to monitor wear in bearings of large two stroke diesel engines. It will provide an early warning if any of the three crank-train bearings (crosshead, crank and main bearings) experience unexpected wear problems during ship operation, which will enable the crew to carry out preventative engine maintenance in order to save downtime and ultimately, money.

Stand alone or full integrated

The system is available as a stand-alone solution or can be fully integrated with the Kongsberg Maritime K-Chief 500 and AutoChief C20 automation systems. In the case of the TORM new build vessels, the system will use the bearing wear monitoring mimic in the K-Chief 500 to monitor the wear and trending measurements, and a two level alarm will be handled by the K-Chief 500 automation system also.

Additional options

The new TORM vessels are powered by MAN 6S50ME-B Mk8 engines and the BWMS will be installed by engine builder DMD in China. The open infrastructure of the KONGSBERG Bearing Wear Monitoring System provides the opportunity to add additional engine monitoring systems, such as bearing temperature and cylinder liner temperature.

For new build and retrofit projects

"The new Bearing Wear Monitoring System is an accepted solution for both new build and retrofit projects. This contract is a particular milestone for Kongsberg Maritime since it represents the first large series of deliveries of the system for the new build market," comments Arnt Johan Sivertsen, sales manager, Kongsberg Maritime. "In addition to providing a reliable technical solution, the customer will also benefit from our world wide service and a strong local presence in China, where the vessels are being built."