New Ice-Navigation Training Centre

The Transatlantic Ice Academy Established in Kalmar, Sweden

The Ice Academy is a partnership between Transatlantic and Kalmar Maritime Academy in cooperation with Kongsberg and the Swedish Maritime Administration. By using Kongsberg simulators the students can experience extreme ice conditions and learn how to master this very special force of nature.

The Ice Academy's courses

The opening ceremony in Kalmar on the 2.nd of December 2008. Left, Transatlantic’s Vice Director Anders Källström and head of Kalmar Maritime Academy Jan Snöberg to the right. Photo Courtesy of Transatlantic.

Offering training to both Transatlantic employees and external customers, the Ice Academy courses consist of both theoretical and simulator exercises together with onboard practice.

The courses offered today are:

  • Cold climate ship handling
  • Arctic education for AHTS (Anchor Handling Tug Supply) officers and crew
  • Arctic education for Icebreaker officer and crew
  • DP operation in Aortic waters

Simulator utilisation

The simulator part of the ice course includes all kind of icebreaking duties for a normal winter in the Baltic sea. The Transatlantic Ice Academy also offers simulation of planned operations in Arctic waters.

"With our experience and technology we are able to simulate specific scenarios and situations that will be faced on expeditions in Arctic environment. This gives the opportunity to set up a whole operation before commencing work at sea" says Johan Rafstedt, Operation Manager at Transatlantic AB.

The Ice Academy also offers simulator exercises for work in Arctic waters regarding anchor handling, supply, DP operations as well as towing rigs, towing iceberg and keeping installation free from ice pressure and to plan Ice management.

Need for ice-navigation skills

According to 6732 vessel received assistance from icebreakers in Baltic sea 2005-06, in 2006-07 the number was 4327 and 2007- 08 classified as an extremely mild winter the numbers of ships was 1368. This shows that it's a lot of ships that need assistance every year in this geographical area, so the simulator exercise are very important for new officers onboard Swedish icebreakers as well as training bridge team/BRM.