KONGSBERG releases White Paper on Military and Civilian Port Security

New Advances in Sonar Diver Detection Systems: The Hidden Threat Facing Military and Civilian Ports

Sonar technologies can protect military and civilian ports.

Kongsberg Mesotech Ltd., is pleased to release a white paper outlining the most recent technological advances in sonar technologies and how these can protect military and civilian ports and visiting ships from attack by enemy divers. The white paper is entitled "New Advances in Sonar Diver Detection Systems: The Hidden Threat Facing Military and Civilian Ports."

This new Kongsberg white paper outlines the hidden threat presented by underwater diver incursion, as evidenced by groups such as the Tamil "Sea" Tigers having been able to mount successful underwater attacks in ports. It also reviews the latest technological improvements in underwater acoustical diver detection systems in these key areas: hardware, tracking software and data fusion/systems integration.

"The increased use of divers by groups such as the Tamil Tigers to attack from the water demonstrates a belief that underwater access presents an easier way to enter ports and attack ships anchored at dockside," said Phil Andrew, manager of underwater security for Kongsberg Mesotech, a leading global provider of sonar technologies that has provided sonar to the U.S. Coast Guard through its Underwater Port Security Project.

"Drug smuggling and the rise of terrorist threats over the last ten years have increased the need to monitor the underwater lanes of our ports using sonar and other technologies. Fortunately, recent sophisticated innovations are helping to address this problem. This white paper explains how these advances can help improve port security."

About Kongsberg Mesotech Ltd.

Kongsberg Mesotech Ltd. is a subsidiary of Kongsberg Maritime and a world leader in sonar diver detection systems and technologies. They supply a worldwide customer base with a range of products for defence, fisheries, oilfield, scientific and other underwater acoustic applications. Products are designed and manufactured in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia.