Kongsberg Maritime signs research agreement with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Kongsberg Maritime signed a 5 year research and education agreement with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) on Tuesday February 3rd 2009.

Key NTNU and Kongsberg Maritime people.

The agreement is based on sponsorship of one professorship within marine cybernetics at the Department of Marine Technology within NTNU. Three PhD scholarships will be connected to the professorship, which the university will be responsible for continuing once the 5 year sponsorship agreement is completed.

Kongsberg Maritime is a world leader within the maritime and offshore industry and is at the forefront of technology and research. By sponsoring a professorship at NTNU, Kongsberg Maritime not only strengthens its own market position, but contributes to progress within the entire maritime and offshore industry, which is in need of well qualified graduate engineers.

"Over the past few years, the governmental funding of our institute has seen a significant decline. In parallel to this, we experience a high demand for our candidates by the industry, indicating that qualified engineers are the most important factor for further development of the industry and trade," said Manager at the Institute of Marine Technique, Stig Berge. "We consider it a vote of confidence that the industry takes responsibility for technological education by sponsoring scientific positions and our cooperation with Kongsberg Maritime strengthens the relevance and capacity of NTNU within marine cybernetics, so is therefore of strategic importance. We are very happy to have achieved this agreement."

The agreement was driven in cooperation with the maritime cluster in Norway, of which Kongsberg Maritime is one of many companies. Present at the contract signing from Kongsberg Maritime were CEO Mr. Torfinn Kildal and Vice President Business Development, Mr. Nils Albert Jenssen. Jenssen has been one of the main architects behind one of Norway's most successful maritime industry products originating from institutions such as NTNU and SINTEF – the Kongsberg Dynamic Positioning System.

"As a knowledge enterprise, Kongsberg Maritime needs to keep track of what is happening within its field. By entering into this agreement we contribute towards securing higher maritime education in Norway, something which is an important part of providing future employees," commented Nils Albert Jenssen.