KONGSBERG develops unique Vessel Motion Monitoring solution

Improving safety and efficiency of marine operations.

Improve the safety & efficiency

Screendump of main overview display. Click to view larger image.

The VMM 200, a sophisticated new vessel motion monitoring solution from Kongsberg Seatex,  is set to improve the safety and efficiency of operations where accurate vessel motion data is critical. This unique new attitude determination solution is the first of its kind and is made possible through decades of position and motion reference experience from demanding offshore marine operations.

Until the release of the VMM 200, actively monitoring the vessel motions in 6-degrees-of-freedom in any point has not been possible. The VMM 200 is a decision support tool for marine operation like light well intervention, offshore crane operations, module handling on deck and over moonpool, and launch & recovery of ROVs.

The VMM 200 takes input from KONGSBERG's own Motion Reference Units (MRU). It also integrates data from existing navigation and weather sensors. Many vessels already have the majority of these sensors onboard and the VMM is able to combine their data to ensure that an accurate representation of a vessel's motion at various points can be presented through its user-friendly interface.

Any point on the vessel

"By combining the Motion Reference Unit, navigation and meteorological sensor input, the VMM 200 enables the user to monitor the motion of any user defined point of interest on the vessel. The system will give alarms and warnings when the motion level exceeds user-defined limits," comments the Product Manager, Finn Otto Sanne, Kongsberg Seatex. "The vessel motion data supplied by the VMM 200 has never before been available in such a dedicated and accurate format."

Trend analysis

The VMM 200 presents real time vessel motion data in addition to real time statistical analysis. The user interface gives the operator a range of tools to visualize parameters such as trends in vessel motion to help the operator to define warnings and alarms thus enabling optimal conditions for a safe operation.

The platform for the trend analysis is based on the statistical analysis of prior vessel motion, which is made possible through the VMM 200's extensive recording functionality. VMM 200 recording data amount and duration are only limited by hard-disk capacity.

Multiple Operator Units

The VMM 200 is a two module solution with a Processing and an Operator Unit connected via Ethernet. The Processing Unit runs all critical computations independent from the user interface on the Operator Unit to ensure continuous and reliable operation. Multiple Operator Units can be connected to the same Processing Unit in a networked architecture. The Operator Units present the vessel motion data in a clear and easy to understand format to ensure decision making based on the available data is as efficient as possible.