GeoAcoustics and China-ORES hold GeoSwath User Seminar

About the seminar

Over 60 Chinese surveyors, engineers and survey managers attended a GeoSwath product seminar in Qingdao, Shandong Province, China 11th to 13th March 2009. The attendees came from all over China to learn about the capabilities of the GeoSwath wide swath bathymetry and side-scan sonar from GeoAcoustics Ltd of Great Yarmouth, UK - A Kongsberg Maritime company. Live demonstrations were followed by lectures on the sonar theory and best survey practice and expert tips were given on processing survey data using the GeoSwath Plus software.

Attendees at the GeoSwath seminar

The Qingdao seminar was organised by Mike Zang of China-ORES Ltd, GeoAcoustics' agent in China, and lectures were given by Dr. Tom Hiller, Product Manager at GeoAcoustics Ltd. China-ORES Ltd of Qingdao is headed by Professor Tang Bao Jue. Professor Tang was awarded GeoAcoustics' top agent prize in both 2007 and 2008.

The seminar included data collection using a local boat in Jaiazhou Bay. The survey area varied between 3m and 25m depth and demonstrated the GeoSwath's wide swath capability in shallow water environments. Clients could also see the advantages of the simultaneous bathymetry and side scan data collected by the GeoSwath. A day in the classroom covering the GeoSwath interferometric sonar theory was followed by live processing and calibration of the collected data and a master class on survey practice. Mike did a great job doing a live translation of the lectures for the local audience.

GeoSwath in China

More than 25 GeoSwath systems are now operational in China. These are working on projects such as river navigation, coastal mapping, dredge works, port surveys, marine construction and dam monitoring. An example of the GeoSwath's success in China is its use in national hydrographic mapping projects: recently the State Ocean Administration (SOA) East Sea Branch in Shanghai celebrated passing 75,000 line-km of GeoSwath survey for China's National Project 908, a major national coastal and environmental mapping initiative. SOA East Sea Branch now operates two GeoSwath systems out of Shanghai, while China's National Marine Environmental Monitoring Centre in Dalian is approaching 50,000 line-km completed with their GeoSwath sonars.