The Full Picture Goes Green

Kongsberg Maritime presents new Green Ship strategy at SMM 2008

Torfinn Kildal, President Kongsberg Maritime.

With the power to monitor, control and improve environmental performance whilst reducing operational costs, Kongsberg Maritime's integrated ship systems are giving shipowners the tools to go green. Going green is a major focus within the shipping industry right now, so there's no better place than SMM 2008 to present this new Green Ship strategy to the maritime world.

Improving fuel efficiency and reducing emissions

Kongsberg Maritime, as a supplier of integrated ship systems, can play a crucial role in the optimal operation of ships, improving fuel efficiency and reducing emissions. To reach this goal, the company is dedicated to developing new systems and is involved with several projects and trials implemented to further reduce the environmental impact of shipping whilst providing added value and cost-effectiveness.

"In line with our environmental policy, we are developing a concept for optimal vessel performance that takes into account both machinery onboard the ship as well as the way the vessel is navigated, to ensure less consumption of fuel and lower emissions," says Torfinn Kildal, President, Kongsberg Maritime. "A traditional way to monitor ship performance is by adjusting the ship optimally on its first test run, when the hull is clean and the machinery is new and well-tuned. This performance becomes a yardstick to measure how the ship performs at its best. If the ship moves too far away from this standard, you know that something is wrong. We want to bring this some steps forward by more sophisticated instrumentation, monitoring, operator guidance and automatic control where feasible"

Shared environmental gains

The Kongsberg Maritime approach to vessel performance combines a holistic perspective, in line with its integrated 'Full Picture' systems, with specific areas for improvement, including hull diagnostics and performance, engine diagnostics and performance, power performance, cargo/ballast management, route planning and speed profile optimisation. Each of these parts contributes to a complete vessel performance picture, which forms the basis for meaningful adjustments by officers and operators. Kongsberg Maritime is working closely with customers, partners, suppliers and the industry at large to develop and test solutions that contribute to shared environmental gains.

"We are looking for the most environmentally-friendly solutions possible in the short and long-term. Collaboration is a must. There are several products that we are looking at in co operation with other companies," says Vice President of Merchant Automation, Morten Hasås.

New engine monitoring sensor

These collaborations include integration of a unique new engine monitoring sensor developed by Austrian company AVL, with Kongsberg Maritime's K-Chief automation system and a solution developed with Lodic, a specialist in 3-D vessel modelling, to manage loading and unloading operations. This unique system, already tested onboard a vessel, undertakes calculations to ensure optimal loading of cargoes, ballast and unloading. Using information on the hull status and route to find the ideal draft and trim conditions for the voyage, will improve fuel efficiency and safety.