Sonar and echo sounder systems to Ula Class submarines

Norwegian Ula Class submarine.

Kongsberg Maritime, has signed a contract with the Armed Forces' Logistics Organisation for the delivery of active navigation and mine avoidance sonars as well as multibeam echo sounder systems for the upgrading of Norway's six Ula Class submarines. The contract was won in an open international competition and has a scope of MNOK 71.

The first submarine is expected to have it's new sonar and echo sounder systems in 21 months time, and the last in 52 months. With these and other additions, the Ula class will remain in service until 2020.

About the Ula class

The Ula class is a Norwegian diesel electric submarine type which was assembled in Germany in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The class, consisting of 6 vessels, is currently the only submarine type in service with the Royal Norwegian Navy.

The Ula class submarines are among the most silent and manoeuverable submarines in the world. This, in combination with the relatively small size, makes them difficult to detect from surface vessels and ideal for operations in coastal areas.