New Neptune MultiTouch Engine Room Simulator

Realistic training

Engine control room console fitted with multitouch panels.
Typical screen dump from the multitouch panel.

Kongsberg Maritime has developed a new touch screen based Engine Room Simulator configuration. This configuration is designed to offer realistic training and provide colleges and training institutes with an opportunity to broaden the range of courses on offer without investing in new hardware. The Neptune MultiTouch system is part of KONGSBERG's Neptune Engine Room Simulator portfolio, and is already in use at Georgian College, Ontario Canada and has been chosen by Åland University of Applied Science.

Easy to change models

Neptune MultiTouch uses multiple touch screens integrated with real-life engine room consoles and panels, that enables the owner to quickly and easily select between different simulation models. The system allows instructors to change from a VLCC to a Cruise ship, or a Ferry within seconds. "Neptune MultiTouch is an innovative and flexible configuration that offers several benefits because of its ability to run various simulation models on the same HW configuration," says Harald Kluken, Product Advisor – Engine Room Simulators. "It loads a new set of MultiTouch Mimic Diagrams when a different engine room simulation model is loaded, allowing for different courses to be offered on the same hardware solution. This provides immediate cost savings and at the same time enables training institutes to offer a more comprehensive suite of training courses, and attract a greater number of students."

Highly accurate

The new MultiTouch system is based on Kongsberg Maritime's proven Neptune architecture for engine room simulation. This  ensures that all models are highly accurate, offering true realism to help students retain what they learn during simulator training.