New India office confirms first sale to Amet University

New simulation division opens with prestigious simulation contract.

Employees at the new Kongsberg Maritime office in Mumbai, India.

Kongsberg Maritime Simulation & Training has recently opened a sales office in Mumbai, India in cooperation with Kongsberg Process Simulation Ptv. Ltd. Within a few months of setting up its sales and service office in Mumbai, Kongsberg Maritime Simulation & Training has signed its first Ship Handling Simulator agreement, to supply a Full Mission Polaris Bridge Simulator and a Full Mission Engine Room Simulator to AMET University in Chennai India.

About AMET University

AMET University is one of the premier educational institutions for maritime education in India, and trains approx. 1500 cadets a year for a seafaring career. Typically, cadets enroll for a Bachelor Nautical Sciences or a Marine Engineering degree. AMET University also conducts advanced courses such as MBA in Shipping and Logistics.

The agreement was signed by Mr. Rajesh Ramachandran, Pro-Chancellor AMET University, and Kishore Sundaresan, Managing Director, Kongsberg Process Simulation, India. The agreement was signed at the AMET University Campus in Chennai. The sale to a prestigious institution like AMET has reinforced the presence of Kongsberg Maritime Simulation & Training in India. The company's Mumbai office is geared to meet the challenges of growing requirements of the Indian market.

Key market

India is a leading supplier of trained seafarers to the international shipping industry. Hence, there is a need for state-of–the-art training facilities. Kongsberg Maritime Simulation & Training's presence in India promotes the establishment of such training facilities whilst at the same time providing high quality customer support.

High-end KONGSBERG products, which are used by advanced training centers worldwide, are now available in India through Kongsberg Process Simulation Ptv. Ltd thereby providing excellent quality products to discerning customers who would leave no stone unturned to ensure world class training. Special qualities of KONGSBERG Simulators include the wide range of accurate hydrodynamic models, stunning visuals and incredible realism, all of which combine to provide a first-class training experience. KONGSBERG Simulators have achieved quality approval certificates to the latest DNV standards.

The main product range includes Full Mission Integrated Bridge and Engine Simulators through to desk top and web-enabled simulation solutions. Cargo Handling Simulators including VLCC, product tanker and LPG/LNG simulators are available. Special products for the offshore market include Dynamic Positioning (DP) Simulators and Anchor Handling Simulators. Since most of the DP systems onboard vessels are from KONGSBERG, the company's DP Simulators are very sought after to satisfy training needs.

Kongsberg Maritime Simulation & Training's headquarters led by Mr. Lars-Erik Hilsen, are located in Bekkajordet, Norway. Worldwide sales, operations, customer support, and product development are managed from the head office. Kongsberg Maritime will provide the Indian market with its entire range of Polaris Ships Bridge Simulator, Neptune Engine Room and Cargo Handling Simulators, from Desktop solutions to Full Mission Simulators – all based on the very same modular principles and high-quality software.