Maritime Offshore Simulation takes centre stage at ONS 2008

Kongsberg Maritime to launch new products dedicated to improving all areas of offshore training through simulation.

Kongsberg Maritime will use the forthcoming ONS 2008 exhibition as a launch platform for expanding its activities in the world of offshore simulation. The company will unveil a focused strategy towards Maritime Offshore Simulation, which is dedicated to exploring, developing and fulfilling the simulation needs of the offshore industry.

As an innovator in the world of maritime simulation, Kongsberg Maritime is a major player in offshore simulation, delivering sophisticated training solutions for Dynamic Positioning, Anchor Handling, Liquid Cargo Handling, Tugging, Crisis Management and more recently Cranes, through the acquisition of world leading crane simulator developer GlobalSim.

The Maritime Offshore Simulation portfolio will offer a coherent simulation package to the company's existing and potential offshore simulation customers. It will also further improve collaboration with Kongsberg Maritime customers, ensuring that simulator development moves in the direction required by the offshore industry, whilst providing further value by utilising core technology and knowledge across different simulator applications.

"We place real value on collaborating with our customers. The implementation of our Maritime Offshore Simulation strategy will enable us to concentrate solely on the often specialised training requirements of the offshore industry," said Soren Einar Veierland, Business Manager, Maritime Offshore, Simulation, Kongsberg Maritime. "Feedback so far has been very positive and we’re looking forward to launching the new focused strategy at ONS 2008, the major global offshore exhibition."