EM 3002 multibeam echosounder detects uncharted shipwreck

PT Mahakarya Geo Survey is an Indonesian company specializing in Marine Geophysical and Hydrographic Survey. They recently purchased an EM 3002 high resolution shallow water multibeam system along with an MRU-H motion sensor for accurate motion measurement.

IPT Mahakarya Geo Survey Survey Team onboard showing the EM 3002 over the side mount transducer and MRU-H motion sensor.

The system has been utilized on a number of interesting projects around Indonesia including hazardous site surveys, pipeline inspection surveys, engineering surveys and hydrographic charting applications. During the middle of this year the EM 3002 (now replaced by the more modern EM 2040) was successfully used to detect a previously uncharted shipwreck lying off the North West Coast of Java Island in approximately 50m water depth. The wreck is very large (over 100m in length) and seen from the EM 3002 imagery to be lying on its side and still largely intact. It also proved useful as a feature for running the patch test routine for calibrating the EM 3002 multibeam system.

More recently Mahakarya Geo Survey acquired an EA 400SP high accuracy single beam echo sounder to add to their equipment pool. Director of the Mahakarya Geo Survey Mr. Henky Suharto explained his preference for Kongsberg Equipment: "KONGSBERG is a well established manufacturer that delivered the best quality in both accuracy and resolution especially with its Multibeam systems. We find KONGSBERG systems to be user friendly and we like the EM 3002's compatibility with other software, such as QINSy Ver 8.0. Last but not least, Kongsberg's excellence of technical support bought us the confidence that we were making the correct choice."