New and better training centres

Larger capasity, better facilities

Kongsberg Maritime is investing heavily in the size and quality of its training centres all over the world.

Training session in progress.

KONGSBERG has begun a comprehensive effort to improve its training centres worldwide. In Singapore, Houston and Busan, centres are moving to new locations or occupying newly constructed sites. The training centres and classrooms will be lifted up to an even higher standard than they are today.

At Horten, Norway, the existing training centre is moving into its own dedicated wing, with improved solutions concerning both the equipment and the classrooms.

"We're really looking forward to this," says Rita Krathe, a training and market coordinator with Kongsberg Maritime. "Now we are getting offices that are much more suited to our needs. More classrooms and better break-rooms are among the reasons we believe that users will appreciate the changes. We will be moving into these new offices by early summer, so this is just around the corner. With an expanded staff of instructors within the product area 'Automation System and Propulsion Control System', we are ready to meet more of the challenges in this area as well."

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