KONGSBERG joins Flagship

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Flagship is a maritime EU-project aimed to further strengthen security, effectiveness and environmental profile within the European commercial fleet - three areas where European shipping already scores high on a world scale.

48 European partners

The three year project is one of the most ambitious European efforts within ship operations ever. The project involves 48 European partners from all areas of the maritime cluster. KONGSBERG will contribute in equipping future information systems onboard and ashore with the latest technology to prepare European shipping for new stricter requirements.

Three main areas

The technical research and development within Flagship is concentrated around three main areas.

  • Technical operations : Emphasizes early ways to point out problems, effective diagnostics and repair at the right time.
  • Nautical operations and support : To improve the working conditions on the bridge and increase the efficiency of cargo handling.
  • Accident handling : With a special focus to ease communication between those handling the accident on the bridge, place of accident assisting ship, rescue centre and owners office.